Integrate your e-commerce with Den Blå Avis

Publish your products to Den Blå Avis through an optimized product feed and grow your reach.

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Connect your e-commerce

Expand your reach by listing and selling your products on Den Blå Avis while keeping everything organized in one place.

  • Expand to Den Blå Avis with a few clicks
  • Easy installation, management and overview
  • Simple product management
  • Automatically adhere to Den Blå Avis's requirements
  • Enrich product details
  • Never worry about maintenance
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Easy product filtering

Control which products to list on Den Blå Avis using our advanced product filtering.

  • Dynamic exclusion
  • Inventory status
  • Variants
  • Rule based exclusion
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Category mapping

Enrich your product data by classifying your product categories with Den Blå Avis's own categories.

  • Map to Den Blå Avis's own categories
  • Easy and simple setup
  • Higher relevance score
  • Lower costs
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