How to setup a Shopify webshop

5 minutes read

This guide will help you to setup Shopify in Feedr application.

First of all, you have to go login to your account. Then press “Shops” and then click on the Shopify logo. Now you have to follow our step by step guide below:

Fill out your shop name and webshop URL.

Shop name can be whatever you want, but give it a name so that you know which shop it is.

Webshop url should be the url to your shopify frontpage. Ex:

Shop name

Your shop name should be the shopify demo url. It could for example look like: “”. Overwrite XXXX with you demo shop name.

Create a API integration in your Shopify

Login to your Shopify webshop and press on the menu item “Apps” in the left side: Shopify sidebar

Then go to the bottom and click “Manage private apps”: Shopify manage apps

After pressing “Manage private apps” click on the button “Create a new private app”.

Then give the private app a name. It could be Feedr but it depends on what you want to call it. The contact email is optional and you don’t have to fill that out.

Now you have to give us the right access to read all your products and collections. Under the section Admin API you have to give us following access – all others is going to be set to “No access”: Shopify API permissions

Copy the “API key” to the API Key text field in Feedr.

Then copy the “Password” to the API Password field in Feedr by pressing on the “show” button right for the password – and then copy the password.

Copy the Shared Secret to the “API Shared secret” field in Feedr.

Currency, Language, Metrix

Now you have to set the currency, language and metrix, so that they fit your Shopify shop.

Then click “Create shop”.

Now Feedr would validate the data and begin to get all the products into the system. When it’s finish, you can see all the products in Feedr.