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5 simple steps on how it all works

How does it work?

Some of our core features

Dynamic Image Editor

Transform your product images and make more compelling product ads that drive more sales.

Style product images in line with your brand, seasonal outlets, etc.

  • Free background removal

  • Dynamic text layers

  • Graphics & logo

  • Layer rules

  • Many shapes

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Dynamic Image Editor

Product filtering

Control how products are distributed across all sales channels using fine-grained filter rules.

Filters are applied on a feed basis and grants you 360° of freedom.

  • Exclusion based

  • Unlimited rules

  • Rules for each product attribute

  • Automatically updates

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Product filtering

Category mapping

Map shop categories to channel specific categories such that the sales channel knows what you're selling.

Product enrichment can have a large effect as the sales channel can make more informed decisions as to what audience to target and when.

  • Easy and quick to configure

  • Once per sales channel

  • Default category

Category mapping
An all-in-one platform with everything you need

A quick feature overview

Dynamic Image Editor

Dynamically transform product images and make more compelling product ads.

Automatic background removal

Automatically remove the background from product images using Machine learning.


Rule based product exclusion with total control of product flow to each channel.

Category mapping

Classify your product categories to let each channel in on what you're selling often resulting in lower costs.

On-demand product feeds

All feeds are generated on-demand. No more waiting for rebuild!

Shipping rates

Configure rule based shipping rates as some sales channel require shipping details.

Real time updates

Shopify and Woocommerce shops are always updated in real time.

Missing VAT

Apply VAT in case it's not included in the product price from the start.


Expand your reach with a few clicks and experience scale the right way - no maintenance needed.

Automatic sync

We take care of syncing future product changes to all installed sales channels.

Enrich product details

Enrich product details for each sales channel without effecting your e-commerce shop.


We support a wide range of the most essential sales channels - and are working on introducing more.

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