How to Configure a WooCommerce E-commerce

This article guides you through the setup process for a Wordpress WooCommerce webshop. The article will cover the two steps required to create a shop using our WooCommerce Integration. When using our WooCommerce Integration, we'll fetch products through the built-in API Woocommerce comes with out of the box.

  • Creating an API key in WooCommerce

  • Creating a shop in Feedr using the generated API key

Create API key in WooCommerce

When using our WooCommerce integration, we fetch your products through WooCommerce's API. In order for us to access your products, we'll need API-access with an API-key. Here is how you create an API-key for us to use.

  1. Log in to your Wordpress webshop

  2. Navigate to the settings page under WooCommerce in the left sidebar

  3. Go to the API tab

  4. Click the "Add key" to create a new API key. Make sure the API is enabled as long as you use our WooCommerce Integration.

Create Woocommerce API key
Create Woocommerce API key

Now a form will appear where you'll have to enter a descriptionuser and permissions. We recommend entering "Feedr" as the description. Then select the owner of the API-key and set the permissions to read/write. We'll need both read and write permission to...

  1. Read all products in the webshop

  2. To create webhooks that notify us when any products are created, updated and deleted. We'll create three different webhook events:

    • Product.created - For events when a new product in created

    • Product.updated - For events when a product is updated

    • Product.deleted - For events when a product is deleted

Generate Woocommerce API key
Generate Woocommerce API key

Finish the creation of the API key by clicking the "Generate API key" button. Copy both the customer key and customer secret for the next step in the setup process.

Woocommerce API key overview
Woocommerce API key overview

Create your shop in Feedr

  1. Log in to your Feedr account

  2. Navigate to your shops

  3. Click the add button in the right corner

  4. Select the WooCommerce integration and fill out the form for creating a shop.

Now it's time to add your API credentials that you copied from the previous step. Insert the consumer key and consumer secret into their respective fields.

Choose the correct currency, language and metrix and click the "Create shop" button.

Now, we'll attempt to connect to your webshop using the API keys you provided. Make sure your keys are correct in case any error is returned.