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A small company based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Feedr ApS

A danish company determined to develop, maintain, and improve the ultimate feed management tool.

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Mjøsensgade 9, 4.tv

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a free trial?
Yes, all plans include 14 days free trial. The trial should give you a chance to test our tool.
Is a credit card required during trial?
No, you're not required to enter a credit card when trialing. If you choose to continue after your trial, you need to fill in your credit card information.
How are products counted?
Product count is the sum of products and variants. Variations are not grouped in this calculation.
Can we have multiple feeds for the same channel?
Yes, you can have multiple feeds for the same channel. It's often usefull to test multiple feeds to the same channel.
When can we cancel?
You can cancel your subscription whenever you want. When cancelling your subscription, your subscription will continue to the end of the purchased billing periode.
What happens if we exceed the allowed amount of products?
When you exceed your allowed amount of products, we'll automatically upgrade your to the next plan.
Can we resume a cancelled subscription?
Yes, you can resume your cancelled subscription as long as the subscription hasn't reached its end date.
Do you offer discounts?
No, we don't offer any discounts. We do however offer special plans for businesses with over 50.000 products. Contact us for more information.
Can I purchase extra shops?
Yes, additional shops have a low monthly cost of 59 DKK (paid monthly) and 49 DKK (paid yearly).
Can I purchase extra feeds?
Yes, additional feeds have a low monthly cost of 49 DKK (paid monthly) and 40 DKK (paid yearly).
What sales channel do you support?
We support quite a few. You can find a complete overview here. See all sales channels here.
What e-commerce platforms are supported?
You can find a complete overview here. See all platforms here.
We have a custom built e-commerce. Can you support that?
If we don't support your e-commerce platform out of the box, please don't hesitate to reach out. We might be able to find a solution.