How to Configure a DanDomain E-commerce

This article will guide you through the process of configuring your Dandomain e-commerce within Feedr and get up and running. Don’t worry, it’s very easy and should only take a couple of minutes!

Our Dandomain integration is feed-based which means we’re using Dandomain’s default Google Shopping feed to import products data into our systems and later export enriched data to Facebook, Google, Bing, etc, depending upon which channels have been selected.

The first step is to sign in to your Feedr account and selecting the desired team to host your new Dandomain e-commerce. Navigate to the shops page within the Feedr application and then continue to the page for creating a new shop. Here you'll select "Dandomain" as your e-commerce platform. For other e-commerce platforms please take a look at all of our supported platforms here.

Now you'll have to a few details to fill out about your Dandomain e-commerce.

  • Name (Only for internal use within Feedr)

  • URL (The full url to your e-commerce like “”)

  • Feed URL (See section below on how to acquire url)

  • Currency

  • Language

  • Metrix

Find Dandomain feed url Acquiring the actual Dandomain feed url is pretty simpel. The page within Dandomain that contains the feed url is located here:

Settings -> Shop settings -> Tracking and feeds If you haven’t generated the Google Shopping feed url before, you’ll have to do that to reveal the actual Google Shopping feed url. Now you simply take the generated url and insert it into the Feed URL field and create the shop.

Congratulations! You’ve now configured and can start create new product feeds for a variety of sales channels. See all of our supported channels here.